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What is so special about

Wedding photography

I have always had a passion for photography. But it wasn't until I started working as a professional wedding photographer in 2018 that I understood the power of photographing a unique event. From a split second to a spin on the dance floor: I look for intimate and happy moments and capture each couple's special day on camera.

For me, wedding photography is by far the most beautiful area of photography! Why? Because there is nothing more beautiful than two people capturing the memories of their most beautiful day in individual and unique pictures.

The chemistry between the bride and groom and the photographer must be right: pictures that are as natural and unposed as possible, that suit YOU and show your personalities, can only be achieved with mutual trust.



It is my job to ensure that the memories of your special day will last long after your wedding. I offer a wide range of services to suit all your needs. Contact me to arrange a no obligation appointment.

That is exactly what passion is for me: always being one step ahead to capture your special moments on this special day, so that you can bring back the emotions later with the pictures.


That's why it's particularly important to me to build up a personal relationship with the bride and groom and thus enough trust so that they "forget me", enjoy their day to the fullest and can rely on the fact that they will relive their wedding day when they look through the pictures taken.



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